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Interface LCD TM12864L With Arduino

I bought TM12864L LCD display off ebay, however it came without any datasheet or documentation. After looking for help in forums, I was finally able to make it work. Here is a guide to interface TM12864L LCD display with Arduino Mega (1280).


GLCD Library

Once the module is wired in, you need to set up GLCD library in Arduino SDK. Follow these steps for OSX:

  • Assuming that your SDK is configured at ~/Documents/Arduino, create a folder ‘libraries’ inside Arduino folder.
  • Unzip GLCD library & move it to ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries/glcd
  • Start Arduino SDK and you should see ‘glcd’ under Sketch > Import Library > Contributed menu.

Running Examples

GLCD library comes with extensive code samples. If you have configured the library correctly, you should be able to see and compile demo examples from: File > Examples > glcd menu.